Monday, October 29, 2012

A Horse Tail (Tale?)

So I will end my first day of catch-up blogging with a funny story from this past weekend... It isn't really about Trinity, but I will tell it anyways.

About a month ago there were reports of a Horse Tail Thief in our area. He/She was going around stealing horses tails! Some he/she would take the whole tail and some he/she would only take a portion. Right before she got sick, Trinity lost about 4-5 inches of tail one night.

Blogger wont let me embed the video...but watch: (THIS IS NOT MY BARN...just a stable nearby)

This brings us to the story from this weekend. The boyfriend and I made our way out to see the horses on Saturday afternoon. When we got there we went straight to Trinity's stall to drop off some of the special feed she is still on. We then went around to see Frosty...SURPRISE! NO TAIL. When I say no tail...I mean NO TAIL!

So, naturally we jump to the horse tail thief! We were so angry that they had cut her entire tail off! So, we went and spoke with the barn owners daughter, as he was gone. She then informed us that, no it was not a horse tail thief but in fact the yearling next to Frosty that had crewed her tail off. Dexter is one of our friend's horses. So, a slightly funny tail/tale for the morning or serious catch-up blogging...

Look how she has grown!

The night she came home from the sale (2 years, 9 months old)

This weekend (heheh see the tail?) (3 years, 6 months old)


  1. Wow, this would make me furious! Red was sort of a rescue, my aunt owned him but could no longer afford him and the weather where he lived was making him skinny and his skin awful. The top half of his tail was completely bald and it's now starting to look normal..I'd kill. :P
    Kalin from

    1. Yeah we were pretty pissed/laughing at the same time. I am a tail snob and usually keep them in tail bags for the Winter; however, with the colic and everything a lot got neglected this winter. It is still a sore point, though thankfully she is so young it is growing back pretty fast. It is about 6" past the tail bone now. Before it was only 2 or 3.

      Thanks for reading!