Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet the Family!

So I thought that I would expand my blog by introducing you (my non-existent readers) to the rest of the non-equine family.

Remy is our Beagle/Border Collie ish rescue dog. We got her from the shelter near my college when she was dropped off late one night. The shelter workers arrived the next morning and she was tightly tied to the front door. Upon further exam they found out that she had Lyme disease (a recurring problem) and was freshly pregnant. The best we can guess is that the owners found out she was knocked up and freaked out. Due to the Lyme disease the shelter was going to have to abort the puppies and put her through an extensive course of antibiotics. They decided not to proceed and to euthanize her. My boyfriend and I picked her up just in time. She was fixed, the puppies were aborted, and the Lyme disease was treated. Let me tell you she is the greatest dog you could ask for. She obeys, is calm, and is a FANTASTIC farm dog!

Kieren is our Halloween Kitty! Tomorrow we will have had him for 3 years. On Halloween evening I was sitting on the boyfriend's parent's porch helping to distribute candy. As I was turned around speaking to his mother, I felt something fall in my lap. When I turned around a tiny kitten was curled up asleep. I put my hand down near his face and he began to suckle my palm. We suspected he was around 5-6 weeks old, just old enough to be weened. We waited 2 weeks to see if any one would post lost kitten signs. Boyfriend and I have a theory that if someone is not willing to make an effort to post signs then they do not deserve the animal, and therefore, we will not post found signs advertising the kitten. Think what you will, that is our philosophy. When no signs were posted we had the kitten fixed and allowed him to join the brood! 

Dixie and Sadie are two Rat Terriers. We obtained them when a family friend of the boyfriend asked us to watch them while they were going through a divorce. Apparently the husband was taking it out on the dogs... We watched them and watched them and watched them. When I moved to Colorado, they stayed in Virginia with the boyfriend. When he came to move to Colorado he decided that 2 years of not hearing from her was enough and they moved out to be Mountain Puppies!

And of course the whole non-equine brood (minus the cat...he doesn't hike...)


  1. I love your blog! You know me - blog junky. Keep it up!