Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Mexico Trip and a negligent mama...

So, I am so excited to tell everyone about my Mexico trip! We had a fabulous time and the family was amazing. The best part of the trip was that Shane and I finally got engaged!!!! YAY! I am so excited! We have been dreaming about this day for years and it is finally here. We are having a blast planning the wedding, which will be held in October 2013. 

Shane proposed in front of my family at dinner! 

So excited!

My ring!

I love it so much!

Anyways, before Christmas we really really wanted to find a Wedding Planner and a venue (and thus a date) so that we could let everyone know. Beside that fact, we only have about 10 months to plan (instead of a normal 15ish). So, we wanted to get some things solidified before we left town for almost 12 days! So, the past two weeks and weekends have been filled with meetings meetings meetings. We did finally find a wedding planner and we LOVE her! She has been very helpful in finding a venue. This weekend we have four venue visits (so far). I am so excited about all four of them. I am also blogging about my wedding planning experience here.

So, needless to say I have been extremely delinquent on the horse front. I feel awful because Trinity was supposed to get to go back to her outdoor pen and I have no idea if that has happened. I don't doubt that she is well taken care of and that Monte is on top of everything, but I still feel awful. I know that even if she hasn't moved outside Monte is making sure that she is getting what she needs. I am finally making my way out this afternoon. I realized the other day that I hadn't paid board EEK! Luckily that is another thing that Monte is so relaxed about. He will just laugh at me, make a joke, and move on. Thank goodness he doesn't charge a $5-$7 dollar a day late fee (like another barn...cough cough). 

I will add updated Trinity post-op photos tonight if traffic allows me to get to the barn before's to hoping!

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