Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still on Stall Rest...

I am so sorry that I have been majorly delinquent in my blogging. I have had a terribly busy life the past 3 weeks. All and all it has been good though. I just got back from an amazing vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I will post more on that soon. Before I left I went out to check on the baby girls. They were all doing well. Trinity is finishing up her last few days of stall rest, which I know she is happy about. When I went out, I planned on letting her have a little time on the long line to roll or walk around in the indoor arena (since as I have bitched about, it is dark by 5 here...). However, when I went to turn on the lights, nothing happened. I then had the following interaction with the Barn Owner (Classic Monte):

Me: Hey, Monte, is something wrong with the lights, I can't seem to get them to turn on.
Monte: Well, I think we are out of juice.
Me: Out of juice?
Monte: Well, when I came to feed all was well, but then the lights wouldn't turn on. So, I checked the shop and they weren't on either. So I kind of scanned the other houses and I don't see lights. So I think we're out of juice.

I love him! Anyways, when I took Trinity out I decided I would hand trot her to Frosty's pen and give them some time together. BAD idea. Baby girl had had ENOUGH of stall rest. She popper up on her back legs, yelled, and was ready to roll. I thought I was working with a half crazed yearling race horse rather than my dead head old mare. So, instead of taking a trot, we strolled around the property. Frosty had just gotten dinner, so she was interested in hanging out with T and I anyways...

Does anyone else think her butt is high and she may have another growth spurt?

which is where we came across BigT's nemesis. A being so terrifying it can wreck havoc on any horse's soul.

Yes, the miniature donkey that is about 150lbs overweight...REALLY TRINITY??? After the big mare had taken a chill pill or a dozen, I decided to give her a chance to let loose in the roundpen a bit. During November she was allowed a 24x24 stall, so I thought the small 40' round pen wouldn't be outrageous. Let's be serious. She is almost 16.3...she isn't getting up enough speed to do any damage in a 40' round pen... I tried to get some photos in the sunset, but they just turned out dark. 

Trinity taking a stroll around the round pen...

Big stretch down with stiff legs...

"Mom, there isn't any grass left..."

"I'm too sexy for a stall..."

It's getting too hard to see, but she was loosening up well

She was such a good girl. She didn't run around or act like a looney toon (which was shocking after her stunt right when I got her out of the barn). Instead, she just casually walked in circles, stopped to eat a few dead weeds, and had a grand ole time. In a few days the big girl will get to go out in her stall with a run and be with the gang again. She still won't get to go on turnout with then until January, but she will be happy to have her 60' run back I am sure! I took Trinity back to my car and used the head lights to rewrap her standing wraps since her legs were a bit puffed up from having them off for a week. She stood like a lady and I walked her back to her stall. I made her up an I Love You bucket of extra feed and fat, said good night to CrockPot and went home to finish packing for Mexico!!!

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  1. That donkey is TOO CUTE! Glad Miss Trinity is feeling well enough to give you trouble.