Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It is COLD!

So, I haven't been out to see the girls lately because it is freaking COLD! Even in the indoor I am not sure it is fair to get their heart rates elevated when it is below freezing. Both of the girls have monstrous winter coats and if they got warm it would take forever for them to cool down. Additionally, I would freeze to death! Yes, it has been chilly! The last week or so have seen highs around 13-17 and lows in the 0-4 range. Yes, that is fahrenheit... Therefore, I have allowed the girls to stay cuddled up in their nice wind blocked shelters, eat a ton of forage, get fat, and stay warm.

I used to be a chronic blanketter; however, since moving to Colorado, I have relaxed A LOT and allowed the horses to grow big thick winter coats. Frosty Pants is from a huge North Dakota pasture so I know she is fine! Trinity is a little less adept to the cold; however, for the last two winters I have weaned her off a blanket and this winter she is a freaking POLAR BEAR! I was worried with her being in a stall for the last 3 months, but I shouldn't have. That coat came in nice and thick.

So anyways, I am making excuses for not going out to see the girls. I have also joined a gym in my quest to become more fit and a lot skinnier for summer and for the wedding. So, I am splitting my time even more (because I had so much extra to spend...). For now, the girls are staying warm and relaxed. Shane and I plan on going out on Saturday when our big warm-up hits! Highs in the 50s...WOOHOO!

So, after sharing this tragic cold weather story with you. Here is a clip to enjoy: 

...ooooh to live in California, where 50s is a COLD SNAP...


  1. I just posted a similar blog about the cold weather in Colorado of late! LOL. I'm the same way, even in the indoor I just don't want to be out in the cold getting all sweaty and the same with Dani. She has a decent winter coat but one boarder compared her to another and made me think I need to blanket her. I'm a worried first time horse owner so we'll see how next winter goes! Stay warm, at least it looks like it will be better this weekend!

  2. I was in LA during the supposed 'cold snap'. Ridiculous. I was wearing a light jumper and leggings outside for at least an hour, and I was fine.

    I'm a huge blanketer too. Even though we rarely have weather cold enough to warrant more than a light jumper.