Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our first Ride!

On Monday, Shane and I went to decompress with the ponies. We had a wonderful ride. Frosty was definitely feeling her oats. She gave Shane a ride for sure. He was very good and got back up and showed Frosty who was boss. All and all it was a good day. He was definitely sore though...Frosty's back has about doubled in width!
Shane at the end of his wild ride!

On the Trinity front, she had a wonderful workout! I knew she had lost significant muscle, but I didn't think it would be this bad! Her lower 1/3 of her neck is barely 2 inched thick. From above she looks very sad and depressing. After a good grooming I also found out that she is still showing significant ribs; however, it is currently covered by a good coat of hair. Each day I go out and work her I will give her a good dose of her old fat supplement and a scoop of grain. I would like to do it every day but I can't get out there and as amazing as the Barn Owner is, I don't think it will always get I will make an even stronger effort to get out!

All and all the ride was good. We worked on some long and low and some flexion and some collection at the walk. We then did a majority of long and low work for a small amount of time at the trot (maybe 5 minutes?) and about 2 minutes of collection work before doing more walk work. She was exhausted by the time we were done. 
Showing some collection at the trot...very very difficult collection, but she tried so hard!

Some long and low work at the trot.

Medium collection at the trot. I am noticing a HUGE problem with my eyes looking DOWN! BAD LAUREN BAD LAUREN BAD LAUREN!

It felt good to be back in the saddle!

On Tuesday, Shane and I made our way back out to the barn; however, it was getting dark so we lunged in the indoor arena. Trinity worked hard in the deep sand and did a great job. She was tired and huffing, but she did a really good job. Frosty on the other hand was a handful. She needs to get a good run through in the round pen; however, with the constantly dwindling light it will have to wait until Sunday when Shane and I can get out during the day again. The girls were both warm from working so hard, so we had to sit at the truck and wait for them to cool off and dry. I forgot to take pictures until here you go:
Sweaty pony!

Sweaty pony hanging out with Daddy!

The girls resting before their grain snack!

I love my big bay pony girl!


  1. Beautiful horses! I have the tendency to look down when I ride too lol. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I want to follow yours but can't find a "follow" button. :-(

    1. Thank you! I don't know where the follow button went. I went in to settings to add the blogger follow back, but I couldn't find it. I added a follow by email and google plus thing though. Let me know if you have any other problems!

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