Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back in Action

So the last month and a half or so have been absolutely miserable. I have been swamped at work, it has been snowy and disgusting, and I have put myself in to a really annoying funkification...

Yesterday I finally made it out to the barn for longer than 5 minutes and spent some quality time with the girls. It was disgustingly muddy, and they were themselves disgustingly muddy, but it was so good to see them! They always make things look better. I don't know why I forget that when I am in funkification mode. I should pack my ass up and head out the the barn. Then everything would be alright and I wouldn't be in a funk anymore...hindsight is 20/20 I guess. But anyways, the girls are doing magnificently. I just let them run in the arena yesterday and didn't work them. I want to get out both days this weekend and put their booties to work!

For your viewing pleasure...the mud balls!

Still looking a bit puny...

"Hi, Mom..."

Frosty looks REALLY pigeon toed here...I didn't notice that last night. She just got her feet trimmed. I think a call to the ferrier may be in order. 

It could just be the way she is standing...I will have to stand her up on hard ground this weekend.

That shark fin of a withers needs to go!

I think she will make a NICE horse if I ever find the time to finish her...

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  1. Yes indeed! It's been so muddy and mucky at the barn. When the snow is there the poop is frozen to the ground and then everything melts and just makes one big mucky mess!