Monday, June 17, 2013

It is Summer

I don't care what the calendar says, my internal clock says it is summer. It is staying light until after 8:30pm, it is hot as all get out, and I got my first sunburn. This was TOTALLY on accident. I know I need to be super careful this year so I don't have a major farmers tan on my wedding day in October, but I forgot it was summer in Colorado (we are 5,280ft closer to the sun than most people!).

This was a rare moment of calm in turnout!

Saturday I spent a good 4 hours out with the girls. I started by turning them out in the small arena/paddock and let them run and roll. And Run they did! Even Trinity was tearing around like she had a bug up her butt! I went to catch T and she was like "Nope, still playing, Thanks Mom!". She never runs from me so I just let her keep going for another few minutes. Then I brought her in and gave her a good grooming and braided her mane to keep it off her neck during the hot days.
"Hi Mom, I was enjoying playing with my sister..."

"I am going for the rugged, wild Mustang look here, whatcha think?"

Then, I outfitter her in the balance system and we went to work on another lunging session. She is doing so good and is really building back up. I can't wait to get back on her! While Trinity was being lunged, Ms. FrostyPants got put on the Hot Walker and walked and walked and walked for about 45 minutes. It is good for her brain!
Trinity did really well! We started out going left and she really stretched in to the system several times. I am so excited to see this, because it means she is working her back and really getting a good stretch of those muscles. 

As you can see, the lines were pretty loose most of the time. She is starting to remember where to hold herself and how to really get the most out of her sessions. Nothing will replace riding in the way of getting her to come up through her belly and step out, but this system really helps to start developing the right muscles in her top line so it is a bit easier once we get back to riding. Sh also REALLY needs her feet done, the farrier should be coming out next Monday.

I love this mare so much. It is so hard to believe that I almost lost her only 8 short months ago. She is my little rockstar and I wouldn't trade her for anything! When she was done, I untacked her and gave her a good squirt off with the hose. She loves baths and even loves getting her face washed, which is so rare for a horse! When bath time was done she swapped with Frosty on the hot walker and had her brain decompression time!

I groomed Frosty up real quick and got her all saddled up. I fitted her into the mechanical hackamore for the first time. As she is growing she is getting a bit to strong willed for the simple side pull that we have been using. I would love to get her started in a snaffle bit, but she needs her teeth done first. So, we worked in the hackamore. She actually did a really good job and the curb strap definitely seemed to get her attention. 
After her lunging session I got on her and we took several laps around the big arena. She did a great job. Frosty's biggest issue that we are working to overcome is that when she is tired she is DONE. She decides that is it and puts her feet in one place and stops. We worked passed it this time and even went on a tour of the property. She was really really good. I do know, though, that I need to wear spurs today when I go ride. 

All in all thought it was a really good day at the barn! Then, I came home and went to get in the shower only to find a dreaded farmers tan sun burn! GRRRRRRRRR!

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  1. I love using a hackamore! :) Right now I'm using a leather nosed but I prefer a rubber nosed..I just need to find a longer headstall for mine because it's rubbing my horse's eyes! :P
    I currently have pale legs and a tan torso/arms..Grrrrr...