Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Back

HELLO OUT THERE! I am so sorry for the LONG LONG break away. I haven't been a horrible and neglectful mother, though most of my breaks are because I don't want to admit that. I have just been super busy doing wedding planning and living life with the boy, the horses, and the puppies. We spent a few weekends getting the back yard all situated and looking pretty. Last year we moved mid-summer and we never had time to get the house looking like we wanted it to look. So, it never felt cozy. This year is different. We got some Tikis, and fire pit, put down some gorgeous mulch, and planted some pretty flowers. I like it! Then, we spent some time out there with the puppies!
Enjoying the fires with the three girls! 

We have also been doing a great deal of wedding planning. Mom and Sis came for a visit to do a whirlwind weekend of planning. On top of a ton of stuff we bought my boots and the bridesmaids boots (yes we are all wearing BOOTS! YAY!). 
I don't know why this is upside down or how to fix it :-(

Shane and I also found our wedding bands! We were so excited to find them that we went ahead and bought them! YAY!
Shane's Wedding Band

My engagement ring set inside my wedding band!

Then, work sent me to Florida to get my Certified Technical Specialist Exam. It is the only real international certification for my field. It means I know my stuff! The trip was fun, but Florida was miserable. It was hot and humid and yucky. PLUS it made me miss a whole weekend away from my ponies... :-(. I passed my test though, so I was very very happy!
Setting up for the show!


Yay! I was the first woman to pass during the conference!

So, on to the horse stuff, which you care about. The ponies are doing so so well! We are very happy with them. I am headed out as soon as I write this blog post. I am hoping to get on Frosty today and let Shane work with Trinity. I really want Frosty to start getting some good conditioning and some time in the saddle. We shall see how they are feeling today. 
I love the skies in these photos! Trinity is doing really well!

Starting to get into things! She has definitely lost some of her extension. 

Finally, We had a photographer come out and take some engagement photos with us and the girls. The couple that I have seen turned out so so well! I am so anxious to see the other ones, but the photographer hasn't posted them yet... BOO!
Getting Prepared for their photo shoot!
I absolutely LOVE this photo!

Baby girls!


  1. LOVE the pictures!! Where'd you find a cowboy who loves horses?? I want one!!
    I'm excited to see newer posts! Congrats on everything!
    PS: Loving the rings, too!

    1. HAHA! He is a convert! When I met him he was outdoorsy and a dog guy, but he had never been around horses. I started forcing him to be around them and he fell in love fast! I am very lucky to have someone that supports the habit!

    2. My stepdad was the same way! :) He's fallen in love with the animals that he used to call "smelly" and "too expensive" he wants one. :D