Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A transition decision

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Shane and I discussed this decision for a long time, and we feel extremely comfortable with what we came up with. We have decided to buy and sell a few horses. I think that this will allow me to connect, ride, and train while still allowing my heart to heal.

The surprising part of this decision was his decision to put Frosty up for sale. She will be our first buy/sell horse. She was originally supposed to be sold (about 18 months ago), but we decided to keep her. He has no decided that he is willing to let her go. He has formed an attachment to her, but she is not his heart horse. She is a work horse, and we aren't work horse people. So, she is officially for sale, though I will be EXTREMELY picky about who gets this little mare. If you know anyone looking she is the smartest and sweetest thing in the world.

Such a lover girl

Cute little Daisy Cutter movement

Great confirmation for a still growing 4 year old. She measured in at 15.05hh and 1050lbs on Sunday.

"I love everyone!"


Saturday we went to the Adams County Auction and picked up a sweet little bay paint mare. She is about 14.1 and 8 years old. She isn't AS broke as I thought at the sale, but we got her for an amazing price and I think that she will be a fun project/sale horse.

She has very straight front legs and is a little over at the shoulder, but besides that I think that she has a solid conformation. What do you all think?

She doesn't look as over in this picture. Even though she is only 14.1, she takes up a leg well. She is very stout. Those stirrups are set for my 5'10" husband. 

I think she has just the sweetest little face. 

Anyways, she is on the broke side of green/broke. When I rode her she did NOT appreciate the bit I chose, so I will need to figure out her preference before really making a solid determination on where she is in her training and where she can go. It is very obvious that she was on a rural ranch or country farm, because the cars constantly driving by, dogs barking, kids screaming, buses braking, trucks honking, etc that comes with being in the city kind of makes her nervous. She is really settling in well though. I would love to be able to get her sold within a month or two. I think she would make someone an amazing long term project. I even think she would make a cute English pony. I would like to get about $1500 out of her before I do too much training to cover costs and fees. Does anyone know someone in Colorado that is looking? 


As I start out on this new endeavor of giving horses a second chance of finding a forever home, a job, a new lease on life, or a combination of the three, I find myself wondering about my blog. Should I start a new blog as I start a new adventure or should I continue to write this blog as a memorial to Trinity. This is her legacy. Its not like I have a ton of followers (but I LOVE those of you that do follow my blog, even maybe in silence). Let me know what you think...I know your out there!


  1. I'm glad you were able to make a decision -- I always feel a bit better when I have a plan. And the new paint pony is very cute; I love her face!

  2. Put the paint pony in english tack, hehe!! I'd keep the blog and chronicle your new projects, but really it's up to you.

  3. Look that belly! She looks lovely- definitely a nice looking project.
    I'd keep this blog- then everything is in one place and new readers can read all about your heart horse too!