Sunday, November 4, 2012

Non-horsey Weekend

I was delinquent on the horse front this weekend. I love the ponies, but sometimes you just need a chill out break. So, this weekend was it. The boyfriend and I joined the DouglasCounty Community Emergency Response Team. Saturday was out first day of training and it was awesome. I learned a ton about preparedness and helping. Afterwards we were planning on going to the barn; however, we decided to just relax. We ran a few errands and then went home, had dinner, and chilled!

Today I woke up with every intention of going to the barn this afternoon. I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the house and sat down to watch TV with the non-equine babies. After lunch I just decided it would be lazy day and I would do the barn each day this week and would take today to just relax. I always feel slightly guilty when I don't go see the babies, but I also feel confident that they are taken care of due to our AMAZING barn owner and the joys of full-care board. I miss seeing the girls every day, but I do love being able to just relax sometimes.

Today was day 30-post op for Big T. I will take pictures tomorrow and send them along. I think she is doing so much better, though I will be happy when she is back in her big run with her friends next to her!

Remy and Sadie thinking that they are hidden amongst the stuffed animals...

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