Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Checking on the girls

Shane and I went back out to the barn on Sunday to check on Frosty's leg, unwrap it before the snow storm, and worm the babies. As soon as we got there it began to rain/snow so we grabbed the girls and hustled in to the indoor arena. After playing with the lights for 20 minutes or so, we were able to get enough light to groom them up, check Frosty's leg, and shoot some nasty tasting wormer into them.
The outside of her hind left leg. The purple is the antibacterial stuff we put on it. It dried the wound out really well.

The inside of the same hind left leg. 

We thought about actually working the girls, but at that moment 50-60 mile an hour wind gusts began slamming in to the barn, which neither girl liked. So, we decided to just give them time to breathe and get cleaned up. Besides that...there is not much to report. 

Shane worked on getting Frosty to follow him.

My gorgeous big mare!


ugh that withers makes me cringe! I can't wait for her to gain weight!

Whatcha got, Mommy?

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  1. I love your horses!! After about a week of working with him in the round pen, he now follows me without me saying anything and whether or not he's in the barn, the round pen or one of the pastures, he follows me around. Just the other day he finally started playing and running next to me in the round pen, I was so happy! Haha! I know how you feel when it comes to the weight gain, my horse Red was my aunts horse, he was VERY, VERY loved there, but the bugs and the pasture he was kept in-with a pond and swampy area-made him lose weight and literally go completely bald, his tail had no hair at all other than very thin hairs at the bottom half, his ribs showed and he just didn't want to eat. After some financial difficulty Red was given to me and he's gained at least 100 pounds if not more, his mane has grown six or seven inches since September 4th, 2012 when he was trailered to my house, his tail is now full, not perfect, but a LOT better and still improving, his forelock actually exists and we have such an amazing bond, one that he never got to experience since he was just the lesson horse there and wasn't the top priority, especially when around the important show horses. :P :P Sorry for the long comment, lol!
    Kalin from