Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

It was SO nice this weekend that the fiance and I went out to the barn for some seriously needed Spring  Cleaning. Both girls got curried with the shedding brush for a solid 30 or so minutes, got their legs scrubbed, and got their hooves cleaned and oiled. They look SO MUCH better. I was having so much fun cleaning that I didn't take very many pictures. We are going back out this afternoon, so I will take some more.

Trinity enjoying the sun and her Spring Grooming Session

When we got to the barn Frosty had a gnarly skinned section off of her back leg. We didn't notice at first and put the girls out in the arena. She ran and bucked like the baby she is and didn't look off at all. We then ran her and T around to get their body temp up (it eases shedding) and to get the kicks and bucks out (it eases my having to correct their behavior at the hitching post!). Both girls looked GREAT! Well, we tied the girls up and Shane immediately noticed Frosty's leg... It wasn't deep (really only a bad skinning, but her leg was pretty stocked up and once we began poking at it it became apparent it was sore. This really kind of irked me, seeing as though I never received a call about it...just like the tail situation, we show up for a fun day of grooming and riding and are shocked by something.

The list of cons at this barn are slowly adding up... No calls to inform me of whats going on with my horses, too far away, mediocre hay at best, T is not gaining weight, not enough room for them to move around if I can't get out... It all started the afternoon I discovered T colicing and the owner told me he noticed that morning, gave her some Banamine, put her on the hot walker, and then she seemed fine. OMG I couldn't believe that he didn't call me, it just goes on from there... Anyways, I have been in massive depressive mode lately due to work and not being able to see my girls hasn't helped in the least. I am really contemplating moving them; however, there aren't a whole lot of barns to choose from in the city. I am investigating a few...however no news yet... I don't dislike the place I am at though. The owner is so nice and I know he cares for the horses; however, his idea of what to call me about is drastically different than mine. I just wish I could see my babies more often. I think it would improve my moods lately 100 fold!

Shane and Frosty enjoying the sun while her leg dried so we could wrap it

Back to Sunday... We washed Frosty's leg off really well and wrapped them for the night to help reduce swelling. We have to go back this afternoon and remove the wraps before the massive rain/snow event starts this evening. I will take some pictures tonight. Shane and I packed up there and went to Murdoch's to pick up some supplies we needed (wormer, rubber bands, new lunge line, etc.). While we were there we found our cake topper for the wedding!

I LOVE IT! My family is not so sure about it, but we are going to use it!


  1. Oh goodness, that's a shame. I agree though that each owner gives better care to their horses than a boarding facility will. I hope she feels better soon.

    I love, love, LOVE your cake topper!!

    1. THANKS! We thought it was AWESOME! I can't wait to see if we can find a barn that is closer so I can keep a closer eye on the girls...