Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Life

I know that this post is a long time coming, and I am warning you, over the next several weeks posts will be sparse. I am planning a wedding that is now 32 days away...Things have been completely insane. Last weekend (Labor Day Weekend) I went down to Texas. My aunts threw me an amazing Wedding Shower. It was so great to see everyone, enjoy the family, and relax. Work has been absolutely nuts and very stressful, so I have been trying to find the positive in things.

My cousin is a miracle worker with sugar. The wedding shower had a beach themes, to promote our honeymoon in CANCUN!That is cake, CAKE! Can you believe it? She blows my mind every time I see one of her masterpieces. 

My future Mother-in-law gave me this amazing bracelet. I love it so much!

In addition to things off of our honeymoon registry, my aunts got us some fantastic Mr. and Mrs. beach towels to take on the trip with us. 

The horses are doing really well and enjoying their time in their pasture. They absolutely love the room to walk around. I drive by all the time and they are taking a stroll and always moving. Their legs look fit and strong. Their bodies look good (except that Trinity is still lacking some serious muscle). I haven't had time to ride, ride, ride like I promised. Shocking...I know. 

I went out the other day and was going to spend some serious pony love time, but it was only 30 minutes after breakfast. Trinity basically told me to shove off, she was eating...

Mom, there is still alfalfa left!

See, I am still eating...all this...hay?

Yesterday it looked like it was about to storm. We made our way out to the barn to atleast let the horses in to the arena to run some steam off. They ran a whopping 300 feet to the end of the arena and then fell asleep. Shane and I both grabbed lunge whips and positioned ourselves around the arena and tried to get them to run. I think they were really getting us to run! After about 10 minutes I realized, their pasture is amazing, because they aren't wound up like they always were in their old pens. 

ugh, Mom, we are tired from all the walking...

Unfortunately, the tail thief made an appearance in our town again. Trinity's gorgeous luscious locks are no more. The harm of living in a city is that there are morons around that do shit like this. Though we were in the middle of no where when Frosty's tail got "eaten". Which we were still convinced was due to the horse tail thief. Oh well, I guess I wont need to bag the tail to keep it out of the snow this year...
SO SAD! I loved that tail so much...

While Shane and I have been busy beyond belief, our garden has been very busy as well. Our zucchini plant is producing ginormous veggies. I think I have picked about 6 of them and there are 4 still on the plant. Each huge zucchini is equal to about 3 normal sized zucchini. The tomatoes are producing, but they are small. I have gotten about 5 or 6 banana peppers and 2 Mexi-bells. We have 2 tiny melons starting to form. Also, we have 2 little baby cucumbers. 

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  1. Yay wedding! I'm so excited for you! (but not envious of all the work it involves. Haha!)
    Sad about Trinity's tail. Who would do that?