Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud, and a Good Workout

So, When we got to the barn we knew it was going to muddy. It had deluges Saturday AND Sunday. We don't complain much about rain out here in COlorado because it prevents fires and helps the hay to grow! GROW HAY GROW! So, We got there, put on our much boots and ventured to the girls pen. It wasn't too bad, but they looked like this:


Shane always said he wanted a buckskin...


So, before we could do anything I had to rinse the girls. I didn't have the time to worry about carefully brushing them and getting them cleaned. We used to rinse the sweaty, hot horses in Texas before we rode, so I wasn't too worried about rubbing. Some people are horribly against working a wet horse, but I am not. I wouldn't work them HARD, but a surcingle isn't going to kill them. 

I put Trinity in the Balance System for the first time since probably last August. I haven't really put her back to work since her surgery in October. That is ALL CHANGING NOW, much to Trinity's dismay...

She really started working in to her back and she really wasn't working too downhill. I think that she is actually very happy to be going back to work.

I like this picture because 1) I remembered to take pictures of her tracking right and 2) She looks like she is really using her body even though the is behind the bit. 

I like the relaxed look of this picture. It was as she was transitioning back down to the walk. She stayed slightly behind the verticle for most of the workout, but she used her hind end (which is important for her to gain her muscle). She was also frothing at the bit like a fiend, which means she was soft and understanding the pressure on her mouth! 

For the first real workout in quite some time I was very happy!

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