Friday, August 2, 2013

Trinity - Progress Photos - August 1, 2013

These are the first of the progress photos that I will be taking over the next many months while the girls get back in shape. Here you can see Trinity is hollow backed at the withers, ribby on her sides, and has a belly underneath. He neck is skinny and shows no muscle formation or top line. Her butt is small and drops off quickly. 

The first photos are original to show the simple transition. 

The next set show confirmation lines to see the transition as she moves forward. 

Here you can see the the red lines aren't straight or evenly spaced. I think she was standing slightly under herself. I don't think she is usually so tucked under, but it is the photo I got. Her barrel and neck proportions look good. The blue lines are almost perfectly parallel, which means her feet are at the right angle to keep with her shoulder angle. I think that the angle is perhaps a bit deep, but overall she has a nice shoulder. Her butt is low as a result of no muscle, so I think that the top yellow line will straighten up quite a bit over the next couple months. Her legs show a slight downhill slant, which is why she probably goes downhill when she gets lazy. 

What do you all think of her conformation? 


  1. Ooooo conformation!
    Okay- here's my thoughts:
    The one thing that jumped out at me is that she's back at the knee, but definitely not the worst I've seen! She has quite straight hind legs , but apparently the racing world likes that (i.e. horse reaches down low and forward not wasting energy on high stepping movement)
    Love her neck and her length of back. Her loin is long, but again- common in TBs. Most TBs are also built downhill, which holds true for Trinity (the height of the wither makes no difference)

    But overall I quite like her! With the muscle and weight she'll look amazing!

  2. I'd love for you to do a conformation crit of my horse :)