Thursday, August 15, 2013 much rain...

SO I haven't posted lately because I haven't had a lot of picture taking opportunities. It has been raining EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! YUCK! I am hoping to be able to get out tonight again.

Since the last post we moved the girls to a more pasture oriented living situation. The paddock is about twice the size of the first pen they were in. In the last 15 months they went from a 12x24 pen to a 12x50 pen to a 36x50(?) pen to now a 50x80(?) paddock. The paddock is grown up so they have some nice weeds to snack on throughout the day (at least for a few days, until Trinity eats them all...LOL). Yes, we are sure they are all horse safe weeds.

On Sunday, Shane and I went out and worked the girls. He lunged Frosty in her new leverage bit while I rode Trinity. Trinity was being a SNOT and is going to need some serious work. I am so irritated at her and myself. Her best gate was actually her canter...go figure...snot ass. When I was done fighting with Trinity, I got off and got on Frosty and Shane got on Trinity. He fought with her so much he finally just stood in the middle of the arena. Frosty killed it in her new leverage bit. She was so soft and worked so perfectly. I was shocked. It is a very very soft and flexible pelham bit. The rubber is so soft that you can really flex it in the mouth. He head immediately went to where it should be and she worked so well. I even put Shane back on her and let him trot her around. He was shocked and so excited. He did an amazing job.

We are heading out this afternoon to hopefully get a ride in, but we may just be visiting the horses. We have a packed weekend as well, so I don't know how the riding process will go, but I want to at least go out and ride again on Sunday!

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