Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coming Along

The girls are both getting so good. So is Shane! I am proud of all of my babies!

Frosty is getting used to her new bit. I have her is a EggButt French Link snaffle. In my experience they are one of the softest bits. The flat french link keeps the bit from digging too much in to the top of her mouth while she is still getting used to it. The EggButt sides allow the bit to stay level and not pinch her cheeks. I tightened the balance system up just a little bit, and she was a really good girl. She learned that keeping her head down loosened the pressure. Afterwards we did more lateral stretched. Next week I am going to start her with flexing to the reins and hopefully can soften up that tank of a neck!

I don't work Frosty very long, because she is still young and getting used to the whole training program. I finished with her, gave her a hose down, and came back to the arena. Shane was out there trotting Trinity like a pro! On Monday I started teaching him how to keep her nose on the vertical  because it really makes her SO MUCH smoother to ride. When I got back to the arena he had her trotting around like a Pro!

He still needs work I know. His hands are his biggest downfall. So are mine. He is getting there though. He needs to learn to sit up tall and straight and keep his hands low and soft and keep his heels level or down. He sits so much better in an English Saddle. He doesn't want to trot in the English Saddle yet though. He will get it! This is really only his maybe 10th time in a saddle, actually learning something (not just plodding around). 

I am so proud of Trinity too. She is really keeping up with Shane and acting like an angel! The first time that he rode her she tried to take off and act like an idiot. Granted that was almost 4 years ago, but they are both night and day now. 

On the drive home we had this gorgeous view!

I love the mountains and the gorgeous skies here! Thank Goodness for little to no pollution!

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