Thursday, July 18, 2013

Foot Sore

So, yesterday when we went to see the horses, Trinity was really foot sore. I called it when we first moved in. I thought Trinity's hooves were pretty strong, but I did notice her frogs weren't super compressed. The ground at the old barn was much softer than the rockier city ground. It will take her some time to adjust. I DO NOT want to rush her back in to shoes, but I also don't want her to be in pain. So it is hard. We decided to give it about a week and if she is still sore we would call the vet out to get Frosty's teeth done and would consult with him then.

Does anyone have suggestions for toughening up her feet so she isn't in pain??

2 Days at the new barn. I know she needs some serious muscle tone and development. She also needs some groceries to fill out the top and some exercise to thin up the bottom. I do feel like she looks good though...thoughts??

Frosty is looking really good also. I love her underbelly sloping how nicely it is. She could use a little more groceries, and more muscle. We will be able to get to work now that we can see them almost every single day! YAY!

We let the girls walk around in the roping arena. They didn't know what to do with so much space. They just kept circling in one corner. Shane had to go and show them how long the arena was. Then they started exploring. Trinity was pretty sore, so she wasn't too crazy, but she enjoyed exploring. Frosty ALWAYS took off bucking and running at the old barn when we turned her out. This time she just turned around and sauntered off! I think she loves having so much space to walk around in her pen all day. She really uses the right amount of energy and isn't all cooped up when she gets turned out!

While I took care of Trinity's feet and gave her a bath, Shane gave Frosty a good round pen session. She is looking awesome! I am so happy with her. She kept stretching down and licking and chewing. She also came to Shane for the first time! She never comes in to the center of the round pen no matter how many signals she gives that she wants to. She did yesterday though! What a good pony! What do you all think of her here? 

Trinity got a chance to get some good grazing time on the weeds. She was a very happy pony! I gave her an Absorbine bath and her muscles were all twitchy. I was nervous at first but it calmed down as she dried off and the Absorbine soaked in she stopped twitching. I think her muscles were maybe pretty tight and she was finally loosening up! Am I crazy? By the end of the afternoon she was much better with her muscles, but her feet were getting worse. I think it was all of the walking on the hard ground. I think it is good for her though right? There is no way to toughen her hooves without going on the hard surfaces and compressing her frogs. I hate seeing her sore. I don't want her in pain. I DO NOT want to put shoes back on her unless she HAS to have them. She did so well barefoot for a whole year. 

I just love this picture. She was watching Frosty round penning around. I love the look in her eyes, her ears perked, and the shadow of the tree! I love this horse so much! I know I am a nut! I am so excited to get back out to the barn this afternoon. I still can't believe that I can go two days in a row and not sacrifice everything else in my life! We are going to be able to go to the barn and go to the gym and eat a decent dinner and get to bed on time for work in the morning. Usually it was one or the other. 

Well, another couple hours here at ready to be off...then I am homeword bound, change clothes, and off to see the girls. I think I will try to soak Trinity's feet in Epson salt today. There is no infection, so I don't know if that will do anything other than make her feet wet...hmmm. 


  1. My friend suggested 'Magic Cushion' for me. Last week when Simon was sore, I put some ointment on his soles that my trainer had prescribed from the vet and it did wonders!

  2. I've used Keretex hoof hardener before and had deccent results. I used it mostly in wet weather so that their soles didn't bruise from getting mushy.
    I think Trinity looks healthy. She's slim, but shiny and very happy looking! Frosty looks gorgeous.