Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Last night Shane and I got to the barn a bit late and didn't have a ton of time, but we did have enough time to get Frosty in a snaffle for the first time and get Shane finally trotting on Trinity! His form has improved DRASTICALLY since he first started riding. He still has a bit of a beginner elbow and hand issue, but for the most part I am really impressed with his form and his hands. He was a bit strong on her mouth, but by the end he has really loosened up quite a bit.

I started Frosty for her first time in a bit in the Balance System. I wanted her to get used to having something put pressure on her mouth, without me fighting her. I kept the whole system very loose so that it wouldn't pull on her, but it would bounce and put enough that she got used to the metal on her tongue. She fought for a while, but she ended really well. I didn't get pictures of the end result.

Mom, it tastes yucky! Get it out of my mouth!!! Plewie...

Blech, Mom, Blech!

le sigh...I guess this is okay... 

...and even put some fancy leg work in to the mix. This was about half way through her session. She only got better from here. She started stretching down and poking her nose. It made me really happy! I think I will do 2 or 3 more sessions like this before getting back on her. 

After the ride I did some stretching work with Frosty. We flexed left and right, and I tried to get her to stretch her neck through her legs to get her back. She is VERY VERY stiff. I just need to focus on flexing her laterally to really loosen her neck and body, then we can move on to the vertical flexion piece. I really hope it works. She is an amazing mare...and I want Trinity back from Shane, which means Frosty has to be ready for him... :-)

Trinity did an great job for Shane last night. She really gave him a workout though. I don't think I have seen her that lazy in a while. She worked at about 30%. I want him to get her to at least 75%. He started learning how to ask for her face, flex her nose, and bring her belly up at the walk. He is still a bit green at the trot, and is still learning the give and take. I think he is getting better though. What are your thoughts? 

Tracking Left. Ignore my annoying voice. He is still bouncing a bit, but his butt is staying in the saddle. His elbows need to come in and his hands need to stay quieter. 

Tracking Right. Again, ignore my annoying voice. He needs to give her a swift kick in the behind, so that she gets a move-on. It was also dinner time, so she was really giving him a test ride!

Trinity is certainly doing better than when I first put Shane on her about 4 years ago. I will have to find a picture. She was a snot and kept trying to run away with him. He also looked like a chicken with his elbows flapping around. I am so proud of both of my babies! All and all it was a good night at the barn. The ponies did really well and are looking good. I am very happy with their progress. 

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