Monday, July 15, 2013


The Girls have a New Home! On Sunday, we moved the girls to a new barn that is only 5 minutes from the house. I was getting extremely depressed having them so far away from me. I wasn't able to see them very often, Frosty wasn't getting the training she needs, Trinity wasn't getting the conditioning she needs, and neither were on the best diet (in my opinion). We totally found this new barn unexpectedly. We were driving a friend home from our weekly Sunday Night Game Night and I happened to look right, and was all "OMG! That is a barn?!?! Do you think they board?". The next weekend (last weekend), we made our way out there and met with several boarders and the Barn Manager. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and friendly! One boarder even offered to move our horses for us!

So, Sunday, we met the guy with his trailer and we got the girls moves. They are so so happy. The feed is gorgeous! You haven't seen hay this nice, and she feeds a TON of grain if you want it, so Trinity should be filling out here shortly. The girls have a shared pen, which they love. They get to interact with each other. PLUS, the pen in huge. It is at least 1/2 the size of the small arena at the old barn, where we have been riding in recently. I could easily longe one horse in there and not have any problems. Since a standard longe line is about 30' long, I would say the pen is probably about 50'x70 or 80'! There is a stall in the pen with an outdoor overhang, so if one horse is in the stall and being mean to the other (probably Trinity being a stall hog, lets be honest here!), there is still plenty of cover for the other horse.

Trinity is all ready for her trip! 
She always wears a head bumper in the trailer because he head is so tall, especially when she is in a Stock Combo that is not X-Tra tall. 
Her halter was handmade by a friend in Texas. When they put Trinity in the trailer for me to send her to meet me in Colorado, they put it on her as a surprise! 
I love that Halter. It reminds me of my best horse friends in the world! They love Trinity and we love and miss them every single day!

There are 3 outdoor arenas and one dedicated turnout pen. One outdoor arena is HUGE. I would say it is at least 250'x150'? Maybe bigger. It has some decent rocks in it, not the BEST footing in the world, but the girls both have very strong hooves and are solid on rough surfaces. The second arena is a small longeing arena and is probably 80'x100'? It has gorgeous footing! Shane will probably be riding in there for a few weeks. The last arena is more of a roping arena, because it is probably 60'x200'? Very long and narrow. The footing is great, though. The turnout pen is odd shaped, but has plenty of room for the girls to kick up their feet. We can also turnout in any arena if no one is riding. The Round Pen is a standard 50' round pen!

All and all I can't say enough nice things about this place. I love it already and the girls have only been there 24 hours (almost exactly). Last night the Barn Manager text me about getting a key made to the tack room, and said the girls were doing great! I love getting updates. If you remember, there were a few times at the old barn (like when Frosty busted up her leg or when Frosty's tail was eaten or the morning that Trinity originally coliced) that things would happen to my horses and I wouldn't have any idea until I happened to come out and ride!!!! Since the barn was so far away, that could be several days, how long had my horse been hurt? No idea! I love that this Barn Manager will text me updates. The barn is much smaller, so she has a relationship with each horse and knows when something is up!

Anyways, That is my exciting news. I was so happy to throw them in the trailer, unload them, and get them settles that picture taking was at a minimum. I am going out this evening (because it is so close, and I can!), so I will get pictures of their new home!


  1. So excited for you!! My barn is only 3 minutes away, I completely adore the people, I have very similar views as them when it comes to horsemanship and we are basically like a big family at the barn. We were going to board at a nicer place with an indoor arena, etc, but it was 35 minutes away. While I'd love to have an indoor, I don't regret my decision. Having them close is great!!