Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Settling In Update

The girls are doing awesome. I forgot pictures again, UGH...I am going to get you pictures, I promise. Last night we got all of our tack organized in our secure tack room that we ONLY share with the owner, manager, and their families. Then we checked on the girls and got their dinner all ready. They had managed to drink half a trough of water. Do you think they were dehydrated?? The old barn never cleaned the tanks and they were kind of dingy. The water is crystal clear at the new barn, and they are enjoying it! It even looked like they had been going to town on the salt block.

It was clear the girls had been walking quite a bit (thank goodness! It is so natural for horses to be constantly on the move). Frosty and Trinity both looked like they had lost a little bit of their hind gut! Their bellies were starting to look more streamlined. There is no way it happens that fast right? I really don't think I was imaging it...I am not sure I'll make it out today (We are going to a wedding show tonight), but tomorrow pictures WILL be taken...I almost promise, if I can remember...LOL!

We ended up hanging around and talking to the Manager for like 2 hours. I swear it is like we are best friends already! She is amazing. We have never been out there and NOT talked to her for at least an hour. Her Grandmother was also out and we bonded as well. The Manager's dad is a Denver Police Officer and is going to take Shane along on a ride-along before he goes in to the final hiring phase. He just found out he is going to be moving on to the Physical Fitness phase, then it is just a couple more small steps! Things are just working out amazingly!

I just can't wait for the weather to clear up and the Manager and Shane and I can go for a ride. I don't want to push the girls after a move like they just have. I like to give them a couple days after traveling, switching to a high quality hay and grain (after being on practically cattle grade feed for 9 months), and adjusting to new friends on either side of them. I am thinking that I will longe them on Wednesday (it shouldn't be raining and the ground drains really well), then maybe again on Thursday and then maybe riding on Friday?

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